Japan, 1991, 101 minutes

Director: Takeshi Kitano
Production company: OFFICE KITANO
Producer: Masayuki Mori
Associate Producer: Takio Yoshida
Screenplay: Takeshi Kitano
Cinematographer: Katsumi Yanagishima
Editor: Takeshi Kitano
Composer: Jo Hisaishi
Leading Players:
Kurodo Maki, Hiroko Oshima, Sabu Kawahara, Susumu Terajima


Born with a hearing impairment, Shigeru(Kurodo Maki) is a part timer working for the sanitation service. His girlfriend Takako (Hiroko Oshima) has the same condition as well. On his usual pickup route, Shigeru finds a broken surfboard in a pile of garbage. His introduction to the world of surfing.

Shigeru flails in his attempt to catch a wave. Takako looks on as the locals heckle the first time surfer. Unhindered by the world around them, Shigeru and Takako commute to the beach every day. Impressed by Shigeru's determination, owner of a surf shop hands Shigeru a wet suit and an entry form to a contest.

Ironically, Shigeru is disqualified from the contest for missing the announcement. Not to be discouraged, Shigeru's love for surfing consumes everything around him. He is able to fit in with the local crowd and even finish respectably at the second contest.

Summer comes to an end and the cold wind starts to blow between Shigeru and Takako ....