(C)1990 Shochiku-Fuji Co.

Japan, 1990, 96 minutes

Director: Takeshi Kitano
Production Company: Shochiku Fuji, Bandai Media Division
Line Producer: Hisao Nabeshima, Takio Yoshida
supporting Producer: Masayuki Mori
Screenplay: Takeshi Kitano
Cinematographer: Katsumi Yanagishima
Editor: Takeshi Kitano, Toshio Taniguchi
Leading Players:
Masahiko Ono, Yuriko Ishida, Hisashi Igawa,'Beat'Takeshi


Working as a gas attendant, Masaki plays for a local baseball team called "Eagles". Masaki doesn't have much of a talent at anything. He existence is much like the air. It's there but no one notices.

Working his shift at the gas station, he comes across a yakuza member named Kanai. Half nervous and half scared, Masaki takes his time making Kanai furious . Kanai claims Masaki broke his arm after the squirmiest and demands outrageous fees. Masaki and his buddy heads to Okinawa to arm themselves against the mobster and to save the gas station.

Once in Okinawa, Masaki and his friend meets Oshiro and Uehara, two yakuza member who's in deep their own family as well. Uehara and Oshiro used too much of the mobs money and either they pay up or await executon.

Masaki and his friend get what they came for and head back to Tokyo to take care of business. Their first attack end up in a embarrassing failure. Masaki barely escapes while his two friend aren't as fortunate. Masaki gets a gas truck and heads straight for the mobster's office in a kamikaze attack but ....