(C)1994 Bandai Visual, OFFICE KITANO

Japan, 1995, 110 minutes

Director: Takeshi Kitano
Production: OFFICE KITANO,Bandai Visual
Producer: Masayuki Mori,Hisano Nabeshima,Taiko Yoshida
Screenplay: Takeshi Kitano
Cinematographer: Katsumi Yanagishima
Editor: Takeshi Kitano,Yoshinori Oota
Leading Players:
Dankan, 'Beat' Takeshi, Tokie Hidari, Shouji Kobayashi


Asao and women just do not mix. From dusk to dawn, all he thinks about is doing the dirty deed. One morning, Asao wakes up from a vision of a man doing it with a gorgeous, righteous woman in his super slick car. Asao is convinced; beautiful ladies love a man with a car. He goes straight to a very exclusive car dealer and asks, "do you have a car I can have ca sex in. " He sits in the car and grabs on the wheel feeling the comfort level but his biggest concern is money. Reality check. Asao drives away from the dealer with a super tiny auto. Confident in getting together with a girl, Asao cruise for chicks in his newly acquired "machine." Far from his expectations, he is turned down left and right. On top of being rejected, Asao's machine is crushed by a dump truck.

Feeling a little down, he looks up into the sky and sees a jumbo airplane. Asao's imagination goes to work as he visions a first class passenger getting special treatment from the flight attendant. Popular guy = First class passenger = guy with money. Asao inspired with the notion of money thinks of a plan to rob a bank.

Having failed in everything, Asao comes up with another inspiration. By becoming a famous actor, women will be begging to have sex with him. He goes to an audition and lands a part in a movie. Unhappy with the minor part, Asao attempts to establish himself on the screen by popping up in unwanted places and gets no respect. By a freak accident (which Asao is a part of) the lead actor falls ill and is replaced by Asao. Asao is blessed with a chance of a life time but he screws this up too.

Asao dazed from all this experience is approached by a questionable looking doctor with a banner, "Party to promote invisible man" and is persuaded to join in on the experiment but ...