Japan, 1993, 94 minutes

Director: Takeshi Kitano
Production Company: Right Vision/Right Vision Entertainment,Bandai Visual, Shochiku Daiichi Kogyo
Producer: Masayuki Mori,Hisano Nabeshima,Taiko Yoshida
Screenplay: Takeshi Kitano
Cinematographer: Katsumi Yanagishima
Editor: Takeshi Kitano
Leading Players:
'Beat' Takeshi,aya Kokumai, Tetsu Watanabe,Masanobu Katsumura, Susumu Terajima


Murakawa is tired of his life, mindlessly going through the motion of extorting and racketeering, doing his duty as a yakuza. He isn't happy but doesn't foresee any kind of change in the near future. When a war between two rival yakuza family breaks out in Okinawa, Murakawa and his gangs are ordered down to the tropical island to settle the dispute. Soon after Murakawa's arrival, a bomb explodes in their office killing some of his men. As if that wasn't enough, Murakawa and his gangs are caught in a gun fire at a bar increasing the death toll.

Murakawa later finds out from the leader of one of the Okinawa clan his service wasn't necessary. The war between Anan clan and Nakamatsu clan could have easily been solved without Murakawa's service.Bewilderde and confused, Murakawa and the remaining gang members go into hiding in a remote beach house. While awaiting further instructions, Murakawa's men play Russian roulette, sumo wrestling, dancing and various other activities to pass the time. One night, Murakawa saves a girl from being raped by her husband. Murakawa kills the man in self defense and strikes a relationship with the girl, Miyuki, who later joins the entourage.

Their pastime comes to a abrupt halt when an assassin massacres the leader of the Anan clan. Murakawa further learns he has been expelled from the yakuza while his boss Kitajima has made a truce with Nakamatsu. Feeling an obvious set up, Murakawa takes his own course of action.