MIHO KANNO as Sawako
The innocence of a child, the charms of a woman. Hurt by the man she loves, she now lives in her own dream world ...

Miho Kanno is one of Japan's most popular actresses. Since the hit 1995 series "Hashiranka", she has starred in numerous TV dramas and specials. Her recent hit series include 2000's "Ai Wo Kudasai" and 2001's "Koigashitai Koigashitai Koigashitai". Since making her film debut in 1995's DAI SHITSUREN (dir. Kazuki Omori), she has appeared in thrillers like SAIMIN (HYPNOSIS) (1999, dir. Masayuki Ochiai), TOMIE (1999, dir. Ataru Oikawa) and EKO EKO AZARAKU (1995, dir. Shimako Sato). Her other film credits include RAKKA SURU YUGATA (FALLING INTO THE EVENING) (1998, dir. Naoe Gozu) and MAMOTTE AGETAI (2000, dir. Yoshinari Nishikiori). She will soon be seen in Mitsutoshi Tanaka's KEWAISHI. Born in 1977, Kanna received acclaim for her 2000 stage performance as Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker".


A young man pressured by social obligation and family loyalty. A red cord now bounds him to his true love ...

Hidetoshi Nishijima is one of the most r reputable actors of his generation. He was recently seen in Kaze Shindo's romantic comedy LOVE/JUICE (Berlin 2001). Since making his film debut in 1994's IZAKAYA YUREI (GHOST PUB) (dir. Takayoshi Watanabe), Nishijima has also received international attention for his performances in Kiyoshi Kurosawa's NINGEN GOKAKU (LICENSE TO LIVE) and Atsuhiko Suwa's 2/DUO. His other film credits include Banmei Takahashi's ZERAFIMU NO YORU, Yasuo Furuata's KURA and Yoichi Sai's MARKS NO YAMA. He will soon be seen in Go Riju's CHLOE. Born in 1971, Nishijima started his acting career while attending Yokohama National University and shortly thereafter won national attention for his role in the 1993 television series "Asunaro Hakusho," as a young man coming to terms with his homosexuality.


TATSUYA MIHASHI as Hiro (the Boss)
As a young man, he abandoned his sweetheart to pursue his dreams of becoming a big shot. Now in his golden years as an underworld figure, it's time to look back ...

With appearances in over 200 films, veteran actor Tatsuya Mihashi's career spans the history of post-war Japanese show business. Mihashi perfected his acting skills through work with master directors like Yuzo Kawashima (1956's SUZAKI PARADISE), Kon Ichikawa (1955'S KOKORO / THE HEART, 1955's SEISHUN KAIDAN / GHOST STORY OF YOUTH, 1967's THE BURMESE HARP, 1986's ROKUMEIKAN) and Akira Kurosawa (1960's THE BAD SLEEP WELL, 1963's HIGH AND LOW). He recently starred in Makoto Shinozaki's WASURERARENU HITOBITO (NOT FORGOTTEN), for which he won the Best Actor Award at the 2001 Nantes Film Festival (France). His international career includes starring roles in 1965's NONE BUT THE BRAVE (dir. Frank Sinatra) and 1970's TORA TORA TORA (dir. Richard Fleischer). He also starred as the Interpol Agent in the successful KOKUSAI HIMITSU KEISATSU spy film series, one of which was parodied by Woody Allen in his 1966 film WHAT'S UP TIGER LILY. Born in 1923, Mihashi's other film credits include LEGACY OF THE 500,000 (1963, dir. Toshiro Mifune), CHUSHINGURA (1962, dir. Hiroshi Inagaki) and THE HUMAN VAPOR (1960, dir. Ishiro Honda).


CHIEKO MATSUBARA as the Woman in the Park
Her determined heart is imprinted with sweet memories. For over 30 years, she has waited every Saturday in the park for her long-lost boyfriend to return ...

While under contract with the Nikkatsu Studios in the 1960s, Chieko Matsubara gained popularity for her appearances in action films which have since become cult classics, like Yasuharu Hasebe's ORE NI SAWARU TO ABUNAIZE (BLACK TIGHT KILLERS) and Seijun Suzuki's TOKYO NAGAREMONO (TOKYO DRIFTER). Her other early film credits include Satsuo Yamamoto's SENSO TO NINGEN, Toshio Masuda's BURAI YORI (THE GANGSTER VIP), Katsumi Nishikawa's YUBUE and Shogoro Nishimura's MOERU TAIRIKU (THE BLAZING CONTINENT). The former beauty queen shifted to television in the 1970s and has starred in numerous hit series, such as "Jikan Desuyo". After a long absence from the big screen, she appeared in 1997's AISURU (TO LOVE) (dir. Kei Kumai). Born in 1945, Matsubara is also an accomplished stage actress.


KYOKO FUKADA as Haruna (the Pop Star)
Disfigured in a car accident, she has shut herself out from the world ...

Kyoko Fukada has achieved pop idol status in Japan thanks to her starring roles in successful TV series and her hit singles. Her film credits include 2001's YAKUSOKU (dir. Kelly Chen), 2000's SHISHA NO GAKUEN-SAI (dir. Tetsuo Shinohara) and 1999's RING 2 (dir. Hideo Nakada). She made her debut in the 1998 dramatic series "Kamisama Mousukoshi Dake," a sensitive treatment of the HIV problem. She has since starred in several hit series, including "First Love" "Friends" (2002), "Fighting Girl" (2001) and "Imagine" (2000). Born in 1982, Fukada started her career by winning a prestigious 1996 talent search.


TSUTOMU TAKESHIGE as Nukui (the Fan)
Extraordinary devotion leads him to make an unheard-of sacrifice for the pop star he adores ...

Tsutomu Takeshige made his screen debut as a hit man in Takeshi Kitano's BROTHER. Takeshige became a comedy apprentice of "Beat Takeshi" in 1997. Born in 1967, Takeshige started his showbiz career while working as Kitano's chauffeur.


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